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Titleist AVX Golf Ball

Titleist AVX Golf Ball

Maurice Campbell

Every golfer has heard of Titleist's Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf balls, but there is now a third model that sits alongside them and offers something rather special.

The larger low compression core mixes with a high flex casing layer to deliver greater ball speed from the tee, which translates into more distance. However, when it comes to your short game, a new, thinner cast urethane cover ensures increased spin and control with an extremely soft feel.

Key features and benefits include:

  • New, thinner cast Urethane cover gives more greenside control
  • Larger low compression core allows greater distance from the tee & workability greenside
  • Redesigned high flex casing helps lower long game spin
  • Catenary Aerodynamic Dimple Design delivers a piercing, low trajectory
  • Available in white and yellow colourways

If you are looking for a ball that produces a low, piercing shot from the tee with exceptional greenside control, then the AVX is one you should consider. Pop in-store today to pick up a box or two.

Titleist AVX Golf Ball
Titleist AVX Golf Ball


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